Our people

We are an enthusiastic team with a broad skill set. Our researchers have backgrounds from all over the world, and have a strong focus on supporting each other and working together.

Michael Gschwendtner

Expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid-mechanics, design and development of Stirling engines and refrigerators

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Danielle Yang

Expertise in thermodynamic and electro-mechanical modelling for Stirling applications. Interests include sustainable technologies, academic mentorship, engineering education methods, and the relationships between physical activity, quality of life, and mental health.

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Zindh Waleed

Expertise in carbon capture using microwave swing adsorption and heat-actuated Stirling refrigeration for renewable applications. Interests include chemical process engineering, solving climate change problems, exploring the world, and meeting new people.

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Holly Butson

Expertise in thermodynamics, Stirling and cryocooler technologies. Interests include thermoacoustic technology, working principles of engines, sustainable initiatives, and lecturing and teaching

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Affiliated members and alumni

  • Martin Neumaier (Professor)
    Expertise in Design and Manufacturing
  • Marius Herr (Director of TesTneT GmbH)
    Expertise in Hydrogen
  • Samuel Langdon-Arms

Our current themes

Find out what the team is working on at the moment and what research networks we are collaborating with.

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